Successful blog posts will

Required length: 150-200 words

Successful blog posts will: 1) reference clear examples from Chasing Ice and/or concepts and theory from Signs of Life, 2) analyze key details, and 3) offer clear explanations, reflections, and insights about those details.

Tip: You can write a successful DB post without reading the Signs of Life selections that are due on Monday, but I think many of you will find those readings helpful as you analyze the imagery and language in Chasing Ice.

DB prompt: Write a response to Chasing Ice that analyzes one or more key details — quoted dialog, imagery, music, camera angle choices — that stood out to you personally, and explain why that detail (or those details) were significant to you. It is ok to paraphrase dialog and to describe key scenes from memory. Try to apply the concepts from the Signs of Life to your analysis, but don’t let those concepts get in the way of your response. The important thing is to start writing and to start trusting and flexing your analytical skills. This blog post is a space for you to think through what you have watched and to generate ideas. Do not get bogged down with the idea of “perfection.” Give yourself permission to write, and aim for clarity and concision.