test your hypothesis with a solid

Learning Outcome:  Identify the appropriate research design methods and techniques to address the business problem.

Building off of the Presenting the Problem and Annotated Bibliography assignments in week 2, you will work to provide more details about your project making sure there is alignment with your research question. This assignment is meant to serve as a touch point to ensure your project is moving in the right direction, so intervention can be taken if needed.

Staying with the memo form of business writing (use the Parts of a Memo guide to help you with writing and formatting), you will address these areas within your paper:

• What roadblocks stand in your way to obtain the data needed, and where will you get the appropriate data to test your research question?
• What statistical test will you use to test your hypothesis with a solid defense/justification of why that is the most appropriate test. 
Note: Depending on your project, you may need to use a different test than what has been covered in the course.

APA format. 

Presenting the problem and and annotated bib is attached for reference in order to complete this assignment. 

no plagiarism.