the acronyms and legal terms

For this assignment I would like you to conduct some online research into whistleblowers and be prepared to tell the class about what you learned. I will collect your notes after class. There are two options for this:

You can learn about a specific case of whistleblowing.

Who is the whistleblower?

What happened and when?

What did the whistleblower reveal and to whom?

What were the consequences of this whistleblowing?

Be prepared to tell us about the case and include your sources so we can evaluate their credibility.

Or, you can research “SEC whistleblower protection” and learn what that means.

If you choose this option, make sure you know what all the acronyms and legal terms mean

so you can explain it to your classmates.

Be ready to share what you’ve learned with your classmates and to hand in your notes to me for a grade.