the energy industries

The assignment is due Friday, Oct 13th at 12:00 P.M

1- we need to choose a company and analyze it. (I prefer to stay away from the energy industries).

2-  the valuation should depend on six steps as in the sample paper. (industry economic catachrestic, company strategies, quality of financial statements, company’s profitability and risk, forecasting financial statements, valuation of the firm, conclusion)

3- I wanted to do the individual part only ( up to page 23 ) on the sample, not the group component

4- there is also an excel sheet that I will provide too, the excel sheet is almost ready in the first sheet ( DATA ),

5- all that you have to do is to collect the numbers from Bloomberg, at least five years.

6-  plug in the numbers in the excel sheet

7-  start to write the paper as in the sample

List of companies:

Home Depot Inc.

Chevron Corp.

Intel Corp.

Travelers Cos. inc

Cisco systems corp

JP Morgan

General Electronic


walt Disney

coca cola




DowDuPont Inc.


McDonald’s Corp.

United Health Group Inc.

Please let me know if there are any other questions