There are many bargains here! I will buy these boots and also ( those over there ).

Make the singular sentences plural and the plural sentences singular. Follow the model.


That magazine is from Marco.
Those magazines are from Marco.

  1. These elegant skirts are fashionable.
  2. Did you buy that brown suit?
  3. These hats cost forty dollars.
  4. I plan to buy those green shirts.
  5. That saleswoman is organizing the shoes.

Diagnostics_number_2 To complete

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate demonstrative pronouns.

  1. That magazine is boring. I prefer  ( this one ).
  2. There are many bargains here! I will buy these boots and also  ( those over there ).
  3. I don’t like those museums. Why don’t we visit  ( this one )?
  4. I work in this restaurant and Joaquín works in  ( that one ).
  5. First we go to this store and then we go to  ( that one over there ).

Diagnostics_number_3 Choose

Select the appropriate demonstrative word and then write the correct form to complete each conversation.

  1. “I like the coats that are near the box.”
    (This, that) coats that are there?”
  2. ( with a key in his hand ) –
    Madam,  (this one, that one) is the key to your room.
    -Thank you. It’s room number 512, isn’t it?
  3. “Sorry, where is the library?”
    “You have to walk a little.” Do you see  (this, that) door that is there ( over there ), behind the cafeteria?
  4. -You know what? The players of this team volunteer with poor children.
    (this, that) is very interesting.

Diagnostics_number_4 Prayers

Write sentences with the information provided. Use the preterite and make any necessary changes.


Buy / (you) / this / skirt / red?
Did you buy this red skirt?

  1. me / wear / this / watch / last week
  2. When / find / (you) / that / tie?
  3. yesterday / we / hear / this / music / at the party
  4. Juanjo / selling / that / books / to Raquel