to Graduate Studies

Module 1 – Case

Introduction to Graduate Studies

Assignment Overview

Module 1 provides an introduction to academic research, writing, and referencing as well as samples of work in the field of business ethics that may be helpful in supporting other assignments in this course.

In the Module 1 Case, a form of treasure hunt, you will be exploring the Trident Online Library (accessed at the top left of the TLC Portal home page) for articles, books, and websites devoted to various topics in business ethics. After locating these items, the assignment calls for providing end references, in-text citations, or correctly referenced paraphrasing (putting a quotation into your your own words). Make sure to review the required readings on the Module 1 Background page thoroughly before starting on this assignment as the material will give you some precise guidance on referencing, formatting, and using the Trident Online Library.

Case Assignment

Go to the online library, find the following items, and provide the information requested.

A. Books

Weiss-Business Ethics Business Ethics: A Stakeholder and Issues Management Approach by Joseph Weiss, published in 2014, available in the EBSCO eBook Collection.

1. What is the proper end reference—using APA Style—for this book?

2. What is the end reference for Chapter 7 in this book?

3. Provide the first sentence in Section 2 of Chapter 3 (page 119). Then, using proper APA Style, cite this sentence in-text as a direct quotation.

4. Paraphrase the first paragraph in Chapter 4, section 2, under the heading, “The Corporation as Social and Economic Stakeholder” (page 183). (Figure 4.1 graphically captures its meaning.) Be sure to include the proper (APA) in-text citation; for example, “Weiss (2014) claims…”

B. Journal Articles

“Stakeholder Theory and a Principle of Fairness” by Robert Phillips, published in 1997, available in ProQuest.

1. What is the proper end reference – using APA Style – for this journal article?

2. Provide the first sentence on the first paragraph of Section 5, titled “Fairness and Consent” on page 58, and cite this sentence (in-text) as a direct quotation.

3. Is the journal in which this article was published properly defined as “scholarly?” How do you know? (Identify the criteria for scholarly journals and indicate which ones are satisfied.)

C. Electronic Sources (e.g., Websites)

Locate the items identified in the URLs provided below and indicate the proper end reference based on APA style.

1. Websites:

2. Periodicals: leaders-beware-ethical-drift-makes-standards-slip/

Assignment Expectations

· Don’t forget to include a Cover Page with your assignment!

· Be sure that you answer each part of the assignment.

· Number each question before responding. For example:

Part A 1. 2. 3. 4. Part B 1. 2. 3. Part C 1. 2.

Module 1 – SLP

Introduction to Graduate Studies

In this initial SLP, you will use the The Student Guide to Writing a High Quality Academic Paper guide to complete a sample paper in accord with the formatting requirements you will use throughout your graduate degree program.

Download the Module 1 SLP, Formatting Exercise paper . This is a start to a paper, but is missing an introduction, conclusion, and in-text citations. For this assignment, you will complete the paper using The Student Guide to Writing a High Quality Academic Paper as a guide. One you have reviewed the paper and reviewed the writing guide, complete the assignment using the following steps:

1. Complete the Cover Page.

2. After you have read the paper, write an introductory paragraph.

3. Insert appropriate titled section heading where requested.

4. Provide in-text citations where requested.

5. Write a concluding paragraph.

6. Properly format your end references, placing them in the correct sequence.

7. Be sure to look for other formatting errors not noted above!

8. Save your completed paper, and upload your assignment before the due date.

Optional Reading APA Sample Paper. (2015). Purdue OWL. Retrieved from

SLP Assignment Expectations

· Follow all of the above instructions carefully. You will be graded in part on your ability to carefully follow each of the above eight steps.

· Apply proper in-text citations consistent with pages 11-14 of The Student Guide to Writing a High Quality Academic Paper

Module 1

Required Reading

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Optional Reading

Schiffbauer, L. (2016). Introduction to ethical approaches. The courage to succeed. Retrieved from:

Another good reference for this class is the following book: Brusseau, J. (2012). Business Ethics. Lardbucket Books. Retrieved from:

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