To preserve a record of research about your topic which may be shared with others in your field


Project One: Annotated Bibliography


  • To gather and summarize information about a topic you are researching into one document
  • To create a quick reference sheet which will remind you of what your various sources argued and how they are useful to your paper
  • To preserve a record of research about your topic which may be shared with others in your field


  • Yourself, in that the document will help you in your own writing and research
  • Others in your field (Peers) who might be interested in reading an overview of the topic you researched. Annotated bibliographies are often shared with research communities in your field. For this reason, clarity, professionalism and neatness are important in an annotated bibliography.
  • Instructor, who will be particularly looking at your evaluation section to be sure you are researching solid, accurate, and reliable sources of information.

Assignment and Format:

  • Make a work cited list of the six most relevant sources you’ve found on your topic —
  • You must organize your citations Alphabetically, by author (traditional Works Cited page format)
  • Content of Paragraphs

o   Summary should include: 1) an opening sentence naming the author and alluding to who they are or what type of source this is, 2) the thesis/argument/ purpose of the source (may also be in the first sentence) 3) A summary of their logical progression: how do they get from a to b? 4) The best examples or evidence provided for the argument. 5) The author’s conclusion, which will probably include a suggestion of some sort. Length should be about 7-10 sentences.

o   Evaluation should include: Your critique of the article. 1) Is the author a credible/authoritative source and why? 2) How did s/he build ethos? 3) Was the logos for their argument convincing? 4) What types of pathos did they invoke. How effective was it? 5) Did the author successfully address counter arguments? 6) Be sure to point out holes in all of the above categories as you see them.  Length should be about 5-7 sentences.