typical global strategy

Essay Questions:

1. What were the outcomes of the Bretton Woods agreement? How are currency values now determined? What influences currency prices?

2. Explain the basic features of each typical global strategy.

3. Explain the factors which are most important in determining the desirability of a country for marketing and production opportunities.

4. What modes of entry are available for entering a foreign market? Which is best?

5. How might each of the 4 P’s in the marketing mix differ in the global marketplace?

6. Explain how import/export transactions are conducted, including the financing of those operations.

7. What is countertrade and why does it exist? What different forms can be found?

8. What are the advantages of utilizing the international capital market over a domestic market? What strategies are available for managing foreign exchange risk?

9. How do accounting and finance differ globally?

10.What can be done to improve the chance of a successful expatriate experience?