United States utilizing key marketing concepts

United States Marketing Strategy

For the Portfolio Project, you will choose a U.S. based company (Coke) to analyze. well-written, 8 – -written, 8 – -written, 8 – -written, 8 – 10-page marketing strategy for your company’s introduction of a new product in the United States utilizing key marketing concepts as a basis for your analysis.

Your marketing strategy must include the following elements:

1. Introduction: Provide here the basic data about the company, including information about the founder, type of business or industry, product lines, market share, and size.

2. Explain the company’s mission, goals, and corporate strategy.

3. Provide a rationale for your new product supported by industry information. 4. Present an overview of your marketing strategy and justify your reasoning. 5. Explain how you will align the 4P’s, 5C’s, and STP to the marketing strategy.

6. Provide short-term and long-term measures to determine the success of the marketing strategy.

Your marketing strategy should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of key marketing concepts and your ability to analyze and develop an organization’s marketing strategy. It should reflect scholarly writing and cite a minimum of five peer-reviewed sources.