use of the direct or indirect approach

The social media policy assignment is related to student use of social media for RSO’s.  In your documents, you should include a policy statement and a rationale in the report to persuade the director that this is an important issue and the policy should be adopted for students and RSO’s.  You may decide to include a cover memo persuading the Director to adopt the policy and then attach the policy to the memo. Or, you can imbed your persuasive rationale in the policy/guidelines document itself, as CMU has done with the faculty/staff guidelines.

To further clarify, the statement of purpose for the report is: To educate and persuade the director to adopt the policy, which is detailed in the report, on CMU student use of social media/social networking.

Use any and all resources to find information about this report: phone, laptops, computer labs, interviews, Twitter, Facebook, national memberships, etc.  Sample issues from the three chapters to consider include: how to build credibility with the director, what are the audience expectations, how to gather information needed, what kind of organization to use for the report, use of the direct or indirect approach, what kind of logical arguments fit, references or supplemental parts of the report, etc.

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