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The famous German psychologist Erika Schmidt collaborated with Fred Peter Zimmermann to publish their influential 1985 book, The Psychological Experience of Immigration. It was published in New York by Routledge.


Daniel Barton, Jr., wrote the original edition of An Introduction to Sociology in 1989. It was required reading in his course at Oxford University in Oxford, England, where he also lived. The author published this first edition himself. It was subsequently revived and revised a number of times with the latest edition in 2014 and published by Cambridge University Press, in Cambridge, England.


It was long thought that science developed in a steady cumulative state. However, Ken S. Jung argued that science reached tipping points that cascaded into new ways of thinking. This is his doctoral dissertation (No. 563482), The Origin of Scientific Revolutions finished in 1970 at the University of Chicago Press which can be located at ProQuest Dissertations & Theses @ University of Chicago database.


The Vancouver Journal of Medicine published a provocative analysis entitled “The Quality of Health Care Delivered to Adults in the United States” in 2015 (volume 38, issue 15, pages 2629-45). The authors were Elizabeth A. McGlynn, Matthew M. Asch, John Adams, who had a Ph.D., Maegen Keesey, who had a B.A., Jennifer Hicks, who had a Ph.D., Alison DeCristofaro, and Eve A. Kerr.


Michael St. Cyr wrote a really interesting chapter “Being French Canadian in an English Canadian World” in the book, The Real Canada that James McGrath and William Riel edited in 1999 (pages 188-235). They first lived in Montreal, but could not get it published, so they went to Vancouver and worked with Bushwell Publishing.