Use the worksheet to complete the outline.

Read these three articles.



3- Article#3 has been attached to this assignment.

After reading the articles, you will first complete a detailed outline.

1- For the outline you should determine ONE main effect that is evident and the TWO causes that led up to it from the readings.

2- Use the worksheet to complete the outline. (The cause and effect worksheet has been attached to this assignment.)

3- Once you have completed the outline worksheet, develop a Works Cited page for all the sources you have used to provide evidence in the outline. You must use MLA documentation properly.


4- Add the Works Cited page to the end of the Outline Worksheet, making one document

NOTE: You MUST use the worksheet to develop your outline and write the essay.

In the essay, you must use information from at least TWO of the articles you read last week.  You can use information from these any number of times as evidence and/or to support your points


Now that you have completed the Worksheet, you can use it to write the essay. you will develop a 500-650-words essay on the cause and effect of the topic College dropout.  providing evidence from at least TWO of the articles you read. For this essay, you will examine ONE effect and TWO Causes about the topic College dropout. This essay must be in third person perspective. Remember to provide an accurate MLA in-text citation. Make sure the essay is in proper MLA format, and you include an accurate Work Cited page