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Title: Video Game #2: “Holy Moly” (for younger players) -zhaiwenhua

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Video Game #2: “Holy Moly” (for younger players)

Premise: This is an Adventure game where you catch moles out of their holes. Players are called Hunters and you choose weapons to kill the moles (knives, clubs, guns, grenades). There is the Girl Scout level and the Boy Scout Level.

Names of moles: Molester Mole, Speedy Mole, Drunken Mole

COMPLAINTS: Molester mole wins too often; Speedy is not fast but speedy in negative ways. Drunken mole is always sober.

This is a role-playing job, and in the group, I was the designer of the game. The requirement is to describe the content of the game, how to play this game and the background of the game. And explain what the game is good for young people. Describe what it was like to work on the game the time spent, long hours in the office something like that.