-What about the novel is engaging for you as a reader?

After reading the first major section of Yamashita’s Through the Arc of the Rain Forest reply to this forum sharing your initial reactions, impressions and thoughts to the novel.  You might refer to any of the questions below to generate ideas: (Through the Arc of the Rainforest

, by Karen Tei Yamashita, Coffee House Press, 1990)

  • – How does reading Yamashita’s novel compare to other reading experiences with fiction that you have had?  What unique, difficult, enjoyable or different about it?  What observations do you have about how it is written?
  • – Why might you suspect we are reading this novel knowing that the theme of the course is related to this idea of the transnational/global citizenry/globalization and related ideas?  How do you anticipate the novel becoming relevant?
  • -What about the novel is engaging for you as a reader?  What parts of the novel are you having a difficult time understanding or connecting with?