What and how do you monitor each area?


According to data published by the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA), better performing medical practices follow the 14 characteristics on page 60 of your textbook. Two of them are: the entire staff focuses on customer service, and a culture of respect is in place. Your investigation into your practice uncovers two problem areas in your office: customer service is poor (include patient “wait times” in your discussion) and culture has led to low retention (both physicians and staff).

Discuss each of the following questions separately (use these HEADINGS ONLY – do not make-up your own words):

Discuss your efforts and steps to rectify the two situations referenced above.

1. How would you address them?

2. Why it is important to resolve these two problem areas?

3. What systems, solutions or activities should be implemented to prevent or improve each problem area?

4. What and how do you monitor each area?

5. What changes would you make to each problem area, if initial solution(s) is not working?

Remember to support your initial response with at least two additional outside sources in APA.