What are the characteristics of religion? What

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Intro to world religion class

Due 4 hours after it is posted

Questions for review:

  1. What are the characteristics of religion? What      distinguishes religion from quasi-religious movements such as Marxism,      Nazism, Nationalism, etc.?
  2. What is reductionism in the study of religion?
  3. According to the Pew Research Center more than      20% of American adults identify as SBNR. What are the shared beliefs of      the SBNR?

4. What is religious pluralism/multiculturalism according to Diana Eck? Is it syncretism? Relativism? Tolerance? How is it related to immigration? Address the issue by reference to the case of Bhagat Singh Thind and the Bill of Rights.

  1. What are the goals of life in Hinduism as addressed by Huston      Smith? How does it relate to stages of life?
  2. What are the four Varnas? How can you relate it to the idea of the      good as presented in the idea of Dharma in Hinduism?
  3. What are Atman and Brahman? Explain the relation between the two      and what they imply in Hindu thought.
  4. What are the sacred texts of Hinduism? What is central in the      Vedas? How was that changed by the Upanishad?
  5. What are the perceptions and beliefs of Hinduism towards the      earth’s living system? Refer to elements and forces of nature and other      points in “Hinduism and deep ecology” article as well as any points you      have gathered from Huston Smith.
  6. What are the three jewels/refuges?
  7. What was the experience of Gautama’s awakening? Explain the four      passing sights. How was he a rebel saint?
  8. What are the four Noble Truths and the Eight-fold path?
  9. What are the different forms of Buddhism? Point to some      differences between some variances in Buddhism.
  10. How are the concepts of Dharma and Karma understood in Hinduism      and Buddhism?
  11. How does Buddhist belief system view nature? How does engaged      Buddhism address the concerns of deep ecology?