What are the main arguments or supporting “definitions”

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Exploring “Definition” Essays

For each assigned reading do the following for your analytical response:

Note: Your analysis must be TYPED and it is Due the Date the reading is due. (no late work accepted)

  1. Read and Annotate the Text
  2. Analyze: In your response, include the following information for EACH TITLED TEXT: Title and Author
  3. Thesis: What is the PRIMARY DEFINITION?
  4. If it is a Direct Thesis, copy it down. (include para)
  5. If you could not locate a “Direct Thesis” and thus it is an “Indirect” or implied Thesis; write down what you believe is the thesis of the paper.
  6. Answer: Do you agree or disagree with the author’s assertion or definition of the term?
  7. Supporting Arguments:
    1. What are the main arguments or supporting “definitions”? (there may be several: provide minimum 4)
    2. Are these arguments or definitions persuasive? Why or why not?
  8. Definition: How do you define the term (word or concept) of the essay in your own words? Write your own defining statement

[example: To me, “word” means……]

  1. Vocabulary: Choose 3 new words from the text to learn. Provide the following:
  2. Paragraph/line it is found in
  3. The definition/ synonym
  4. Word family (noun/ adj/ adverb/ verb)- as available
  5. An example: use the word in a QUALITY sentence that demonstrates the meaning and your understanding of the word.
  6. Critical Thinking: Why is this term important? Consider all aspects: to the text, to you, to various audiences, culturally, socially, globally (write a complete paragraph)