What are the major issues confronting professionals in your field?

Format:          MLA, Serif type font, 500 word, double-spaced research document.

            Research Assignment. Choose ONE of the topics

  1. Useprimary and secondary sources to research your career field. Consider some of these questions, but feel free to add others:
  • What are the major issues confronting professionals in your field?
  • What are the 3 most important journals people in your area read? What format do these journals use?
  • What is the role of communication to someone in your field?
  • Who are potential employers in your area & what opportunities exist for work presently? What areas in the field are hiring?
  • What are two things you can do now as a student to make yourself marketable in your field?
  1. Using primary and secondary sources, write a research report on one major issue/focus in your chosen field. For example, a business major can research detection and/or prevention of credit card fraud; or a future doctor can research the use of robotics in a particular branch of medicine (ophthalmology, obstetrics, etc.).


  1. All papers must have titles.
  2. Choose a design that will make your report inviting and easy to read. Remember some of the techniques from Designing Clear Visuals. For example, you may use multiple columns, add pull quotes, sidebars, etc.
  3. Use headings to help readers navigate document.
  4. Include appropriate graphics such as graphs and tables if you have data to report. Let your reader see the relationship between text and graphics. If you got these from secondary sources, document appropriately.
  5. Any plagiarized report will receive a zero & no chance to re-do assignment. Review Policies on Plagiarism.