What are the themes in each of the films?

Length: 3-4p Due after 4 hours.

MLA format, using citations

Overview: Before writing this paper, you will watch two movies. Your job is to write a paper that critically compares, contrasts, and analyzes these two movies. In order to do this, you will need to find a theme or create a hypothesis to link both works. You will then argue and prove that point through your body paragraphs. Here are some potential questions you may find helpful in order to start analyzing the films and article:

  • What are the themes in each of the films?
  • How do the movies relate to each other? What connections can you make between one or more of the works? What similarities do you see between the works?
  • What are some cultural values addressed in the films?
  • What different perspectives are portrayed by the people or groups in each work? Which characters or scenes illustrate these perspectives?
  • Does one film have a significantly different point of view than another work? Why do you think the film had such a different perspective? What is the author/filmmaker trying to show, argue, or critique?

Remember, since you are writing a critical essay that argues a specific point, for each main idea that you address in your essay, you will need to support it with details from a movie or article.

I have provided some analytic articles that may help you start thinking about themes in these films. You may use these articles in your paper, but are not required to.

In addition, since you will be using multiple sources (movies and possibly an article), you will need to cite all references to those sources.

you can also use one quote from watch movie!the movies are  The Pursuit of Happyness and lion.
what specific claims you can make about the movies.  the main character in each movie struggles to succeed in their goal. This would be a good claim to explore with support from the movies. What does “success” look like for Chris Gardener? What does it look like for Saroo? What obstacles does each character face to achieve this success?

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