What do we need to know and why do we need to it

Please read carefully!!!

Write a three page research paper on the most current research on this topic.

1.  What do we need to know and why do we need to it (what are the consequences of your topic).

2.  The second part of your paper is the advocacy part.  How would you convince schools/parents to make the right choices?

a.  Describe an event that you would plan to educate and involve the community in the importance of your topic.

b.  Describe all 4 resources that you would share:  -books for adults, children’s books, community agencies, websites – (at least one of each.)

Please use at least three references. Remember to do a Work Cited page using the MLA style citation for your references.  When quoting directly from a source, use quotation marks and cite the source at the end of the sentence (author, page #). Attach your Work Cited page at the end.

  • Posted: 5 months ago
  • Due: 05/07/2018
  • Budget: $10