What do you think about the author’s point of view? D

Annotated bibliography guidelines

Create an annotated bibliography for one of the four essays you read on Food.

  1. Create the citation for the essay. You can find the format directions in The Little Seagull Handbook  2nd edition on page 123 #7- Work(s) in an anthology. (3rd edition: page 144 #19).
  2. Write a paragraph that includes the following information about the essay and the author.
    1. Summarize the essay. What is the author’s main claim in the essay? What are the most important reasons and evidence used by the author to support the claim?
    2. Evaluate the credibility of the source. Is the author an authority on the subject? Is his claim current, accurate, and objective? See the information about the author on the first page of the essay .
    3. Analyze the audience. For what audience was this essay intended? What knowledge does his intended audience have about the subject?
    4. Your reaction. What do you think about the author’s point of view? Do you agree or disagree with the author’s claim? Explain.

In the textbook you will see information about the author and the place the essay was first published. This information is at the bottom of the first page of every essay. This information should help you answer the questions above. You may look up additional information about the magazine, newspaper or author to help you better understand the readers and the writer, however in most cases this is not necessary.

I have provided a link to view an example annotated bibliography (from Higher Education) to guide you.Use this to assist on format ( not content) you as you write up the annotated bibliography.

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