What does this have to do with WGSS?

Please upload your 5 slide ppt in this folder.

Remember to receive full credit you need to have the following:

™You will be graded (10pts each) on the following:
1.Did you capture the main argument, information, sentiment of the report?
2.Did you provide a brief history of who the news outlet serves? In other words who is their audience?
3.What was your opinion on the piece?
4.What does this have to do with WGSS?
5. Also what are some key words associated with the report?Media Report

™Here’s how you get started:

™Researching credible news outlets: ™https://www.americanpressinstitute.org/publications/six-critical-questions-can-use-evaluate-media-content/ ™ ™Type in key words: Women, gender, sexuality, intersectionality, etc.

™Articles should be recent (2012-2018) and have sources.

™Please use ppt to present your media report and upload to the proper folder on BB.