What effects does addiction have?

 essay must be sufficiently developed (3 pages), cite quotes and paraphrases from the play frequently in each paragraph, cite an academic outside source, and be free of plagiarism.     use at least one academic library source of literary criticism or a relevant historical, psychological, biographical, or informational source.  The library source should be smoothly integrated in the body of your essay and academic (not a free Internet source, encyclopedia, textbook, summary, or other work of literature).

Analyze and discuss symbolism

Analyze and discuss the portrayal of addiction

What effects does addiction have?  Is addiction a disease or a choice?  Be sure to root your discussion in characters from the play.


  • Analyze and discuss the portrayal of family in Water by the Spoonful. What is a family?  Do family members need to biologically related?  Choose two to three characters to discuss and demonstrate what qualities or conditions create a family.

Reading involved (water by the spoonful)