What is the effect of technology on interactions of learners?

Research topic: Impact of modern technology in education

1. Introduction

Over the past few years, there has been a significant increase in the use of modern technology in the education sector (Wankel, & Blessinger 162). Internet access and the availability of computer technologies have also increased and this has impacted the education sector in many ways.

Statement of the problem

Educators have a lot of interest in determining if the resources, time and money invested in modern technology has a positive impact on education. Education entails many aspects and therefore there is a great need to determine how the major aspects of education are affected by technology.

Purpose of the study

The objective of the study is to examine the impact of the use of technology in the education sector.

The research project will seek to answer the following questions:

What is the effect of technology on interactions of learners?

What is the impact on technology on the delivery of the curriculum?

What is the effect of technology on second language acquisition?

2. Literature review

This section will include a comprehensive analysis of existing studies on the impact of technology on education. The data and information will be collected from books and peer-reviewed articles.

3. Research methodology and design

The study will use both qualitative and quantitive research so as to come up with reliable findings on the effect of technology on education. In order to meet the objectives of the research, the study will use both secondary and primary data. The secondary data will greatly contribute to the background of the study. The primary data will be collected through questionnaires and interviews.

4. Findings and analysis

This section will show an outline of the findings of the study. The data will be presented in graphs, columns, and rows etc. This will help in evaluating the data to come up with clear and reliable conclusions.

5. Conclusion and significance of the study

A conclusion of the study will be reached after analyzing the findings. The intention of this study is to make any correction on how technology is used to improve the delivery of education curriculum.




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