: What is the relationship between reading, writing, and learning in college?

Reading Essay


This assignment gives you an opportunity to apply what you have learned so far about thinking, reading, and writing in college. It is primarily an opportunity for you to get and use feedback to improve your next assignments, but I am also testing your knowledge about reading and writing, as well as diagnosing your composition skills and areas for improvement.

Answer this question in a 750-word essay: What is the relationship between reading, writing, and learning in college?

Writing Instructions (use this as a checklist to start writing and before you submit your essay):

  • include a one-sentence answer (thesis) to the question  in your introduction
  • underline your thesis statement
  • use at least quotations or examples from at least 2 of the class readings to support your answer
  • use at least 3 quotations or examples overall
  • use academic essay structure
  • use MLA document format, including headers, spacing, and page numbers
  • use correct English (proofread your work carefully), and
  • consider trying MLA referencing to document your sources (you will not be graded on this, as we haven’t learned it yet, but this is a good chance to start trying).

Other tips:

  • review the English 1 essay rubric for grading criteria
  • submit your work to the Canvas dropbox before the deadline.

You should also refer to A Pocket Manual of Style:

  • section 30 is about supporting a thesis
  • section 33 is about using in-text citations and a Works Cited page, and
  • section 34 is about MLA document format and has example essays including a Works Cited page.