What is your experience of internal communications in the workplace

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What new challenges do social media present to today’s companies when it comes to negative information?

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What is your experience of internal communications in the workplace? How was information disseminated? In your opinion, was this form of communication done well? How could it have been improved?

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A situation where I compared two variables and calculated the slope of the linear regression line would be currently, while I am packing to move from North Dakota to Hawaii. When packing I have to keep in mind of weight of the boxes I am mailing because the more weight, the more the package will cost after a certain flat rate. For example, a box of my own costs approximately $2.15 per pound to ship my own box and the box cannot weigh over 70 pounds. Having to keep weight in mind is a good idea when shipping items that far.

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I started nannying for a family a few months ago and the hours each day varied by mom and dads schedule and so I had to come up with a way to be paid that didn’t require a weekly log of how many hours I worked for a certain rate and how many days each week I worked. I feel that this is very useful for this weeks topic because I came up with an average amount of hours I work so I wouldn’t be underpaid. Therefore I determined that $50 per day would average out to the short days and semi-longer days I would work. That way all we had to calculate was $50.00 x # of days worked each week = weekly pay.