What peaked your interest in the topic

This assignment is simply a more expanded exploration of your chosen topic for your Persuasive Researched Essay. You will answer the same questions, but with the added insight of your classmates’ responses to your questions/issues.

  • For your chosen issue provide the following information:
    • The question/claim: please format this in either a question or a claim format, not just a phrase like ‘gun control’
    • Your personal connection to the topic: you won’t be able to write convincingly unless you have some kind of personal stake (for example, if I were writing about why we should use cloth diapers, listing my own impending motherhood would be a good idea)
    • What peaked your interest in the topic
    • Any questions you have about the topic already formed
    • Where you might begin your search for more information (and any relevant search terms)
    • Possible audiences and what you know of their background
    • Possible opposing views (this is supremely important!)

The format of this assignment is fairly open. I expect you’ll have written in complete sentences with MLA formatting. Be clear and concise, but provide lots of details for me to respond to.

The topic I picked is ‘Gap difference in Computer Engineering’