What product did you want to buy and why do you want to buy it?

This proposal will be due by midnight on Friday, June 29th(you can submit it earlier if you like). You might want to type it as a Word Document, then paste it into the Discussion Board .  Just answer the questions, but make sure to proofread and spellcheck it.

Pick a topic for your Consumer Report, which is the main report for the semester. You need to pick a product that costs over $100 that you would like to buy. Most people will pick products like a car stereo, laptop, a power drill, a digital camera, a DVD player, etc.

You could even select something that you could use at work. For instance, I had a student in this class who was a police officer. She ended up purchasing a bulletproof vest for work. I had another student purchase a heavy duty air compressor that he used at work as a painting contractor. You obviously have a wide latitude in choosing what you would like to select for this report.

By the way, you can always type your proposal as a Word document tospellcheck and edit it. Then, you can go to the Discussion Board and open it to submit an entry. You can cut and paste in your entry. However, don’t put it in as an attachment on the Discussion Board.

Please do some research, though, before writing this proposal.

At the Discussion Board, make sure to post your proposal and answer these questions in several sentences for each point of criteria:

1. What product did you want to buy and why do you want to buy it? Will you mainly use it at school, home, work, or even more than one of these? Please mention the brands that you are considering as well.  Do the same with the model numbers.  For instance, Honda Accord LX automatic CVT Transmission.
2. Who else will use this product besides you? Your family members, your spouse, a business partner, a co-worker, etc.

3. What types of features are most critical to you? For the actual report, you will be required to use four criteria, so you can indicate those here. For instance, maybe with a powerdrill you would want one that last for several hours on one charge. In the report, if you decide to use price or cost as a point of criteria, then you will need to use five criteria, rather than just four.

4. Where do you intend to look to find your information? Will you look online, go shopping, etc? Try to be somewhat specific on where you might look for sources or do your research.  Try to do some preliminary research so you have some idea of where you might start to do the research.

5. When will you like purchase the product? What timeframe do you have in mind? One month, several, six months, a year?

For right now, those are the questions that I want you to ask. I just would like everyone in the class to see what other people are doing. Your proposal only needs at least three-four sentences to address each of the five points noted above. You also will not be required to stay with this proposal exactly. A proposal is just a starting point.