What surprised you about your use of technology and the kinds of technology you use?

 Submit a short (200–300 word) paragraph that includes a summary of the results of your checklist that assessed how you are using technology. Include in your summary:

  • What surprised you about your use of technology and the kinds of technology you use?
  • Which, if any, of the technologies have more to do with your professional life than your private life?
  • What does your technology and the way you use it say about you as a person?

“Check Your Tech”

Home Technology Inventory

Checklist Electronic Devices:__1__ Cell Phones/Smartphones__2__ Telephones (Land Lines)__1__ Personal Computers (including Laptops)_0___ Printers__0__ Scanners___0_ Fax_1___ Tablets (iPad, etc.)__0__ EReaders (Kindle, Nook, etc.)_0___ Gaming Systems (Xbox, GameCube, Nintendo, etc. )__0__ Handheld Games_0___ Personal Media Players (iPod, MP3 players, etc.)__4__Televisions__0__ Media Players (DVD, Blu-Ray, VHS)_4___ Cable Boxes__0__ Satellite Dish (in use) _1___ Stereo System1____ Radio __0__ Portable Stereos__0__ Audio Cassette Players__0__ CD Players__0__ Turntables (For vinyl records)How often do you use this device?_1__Often __Sometimes ___Rarely_2__Often __Sometimes ___Rarely1___Often __Sometimes ___Rarely___Often __Sometimes __0_Rarely___Often __Sometimes _0__Rarely___Often __Sometimes _0__Rarely_1__Often __Sometimes ___Rarely___Often __Sometimes ___Rarely___Often __Sometimes _0__Rarely___Often __Sometimes __0_Rarely___Often __Sometimes _0__Rarely_4__Often __Sometimes ___Rarely___Often __Sometimes _0__Rarely_4__Often __Sometimes ___Rarely___Often __Sometimes _0__Rarely___Often _1_Sometimes ___Rarely___Often _1_Sometimes ___Rarely___Often __Sometimes _0__Rarely___Often __Sometimes _0__Rarely___Often __Sometimes _0__Rarely___Often __Sometimes _0__Rarely Major Appliances:__1__ Washers_1___ Dryers__1__ Refrigerators__0__ Freezers (Stand-alone)__1__ Oven/Stove__1__ Microwaves___4_ Small Countertop Appliances (e.g., Toasters, Blenders, Waffle Iron, Juicers, etc.)_1___ Central Heating_1___ Central Air Conditioning_1__ Air Conditioners (Window Units)__0__ Portable Heaters__0__ Portable Fans__0__ Humidifiers__0__ Dehumidifiers__0__ Air Filtering devices__0__ Vacuum Cleaners__0__ Power Tools (Drill, Circular Saw, Sander, etc)__0__ Yard Tools, powered. (Mower, Snow Blower, Weed Whip, Chain Saw, etc.)__2__ Lamps (plug in)__2__ Installed lights (e.g., on ceiling)_0___ Other: ________________________0___ Other: __________________________0__ Other: __________________________0__ Other: _________________________0___ Other: ________________________ 1___Often __Sometimes ___Rarely_1__Often __Sometimes ___Rarely_1__Often __Sometimes ___Rarely___Often __Sometimes 0___Rarely__1_Often __Sometimes ___Rarely_1__Often __Sometimes ___Rarely__4_Often __Sometimes ___Rarely_1__Often __Sometimes ___Rarely_1__Often __Sometimes ___Rarely__1_Often __Sometimes ___Rarely___Often __Sometimes 0___Rarely___Often __Sometimes _0__Rarely___Often __Sometimes 0___Rarely___Often __Sometimes __0_Rarely___Often __Sometimes _0__Rarely___Often __Sometimes _0__Rarely___Often __Sometimes _0__Rarely___Often __Sometimes __0_Rarely___Often _2_Sometimes ___Rarely2__Often __Sometimes ___Rarely___Often __Sometimes ___Rarely___Often __Sometimes ___Rarely___Often __Sometimes ___Rarely___Often __Sometimes ___Rarely___Often __Sometimes ___Rarely

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