What type of learner are you

  • • What type of learner are you? Reflect on your educational history and analyze your learning skills. Do you study everyday or wait until an assessment is given? Do you know how to study? Are you a visual, auditory, read-write, or kinesthetic learner? How have you progressed from primary/ secondary school to tertiary? What do you hope to improve? How do you expect college will be different from high school?

Format and Due Dates

Essay 1 is two pages long, double- spaced Times New Roman font size 12.

Tips for self- analysis

  • Introduction. Introduce the topic. What is the essay about?
  • Body. Choose a few of the talking points provided in the prompt or consider your own. Develop the essay by providing examples, narrating events, comparing and contrasting one idea to another, etc.
  • Conclusion. Sum up your ideas. Why is the essay important?
  • You are not writing a narrative. You may retell events to support your analysis, but the majority of your essay should not be a story.
  • Always use paragraphs. Paragraphs help organize your essay but most importantly your thoughts. Figure out which ideas connect with what. Related ideas should be in the same or neighboring paragraphs.
  • Original title. Create a unique title that hints at the main idea of the essay.