What were these five sections?Identify these five sections, and name them

Q1: There were five sections identified in the chapter case study and we were walked through each one explaining what happened.  What were these five sections?Identify these five sections, and name them. Then provide a brief narrative about each section?

Q#2: When looking at the Analytical Centers in the Russian Federation, the authors have indicated that they believed that the first theoretical approaches and practical developments related to the implementation of socioeconomic processes information-analytical system were implemented in the early 1970s by Beer Stafford —the father of management cybernetics.  

From this development, the control program for the established system (Cyberstrider) was written by Chilean experts in collaboration with British scientists. With this revelation in mind, please identify and name the four system levels of administration that were identified, and provide a brief narrative for each. 

Chapter 17 – According to Trutnev, Vidyasova, and Chugunov (2015), informational and analytical activities and forecasting for the process of socio-economic development should be an important element of all levels of governmental administration.  The development of methods and tools to support government decision-making on the basis of the analysis of information has a long history and their use has traditionally been included as a component of national development programs to include the development of the information society in Russia, and its regions, particularly – Saint Petersburg.