What Which Which Cake do you want to buy for the party?

 Listen Read the statements. Then listen to a short biography of María Muñoz, and indicate whether each statement is  true  or  false .  

  1. María Muñoz was born in Madrid.
    •  true
    •  false
  2. His mother gave him a notebook.
    •  true
    •  false
  3. Maria studied computing.
    •  true
    •  false
  4. Maria got married after graduating.
    •  true
    •  false
  5. Maria lives in California.
    •  true
    •  false

 Matching Match the pictures and descriptions. 

  1.  1 2 3 4 5 Ana turns twenty-one.
  2.  1 2 3 4 5 Saul opened a bottle of red wine.
  3.  1 2 3 4 5 We celebrate the New Year with champagne.
  4.  1 2 3 4 5 Marisa’s birthday party was a lot of fun.
  5.  1 2 3 4 5 Alberto and his friends celebrate Christmas.

 What or which one? Select the correct option for each question. 

  1. What What is your phone number?
  2. What Which Which Cake do you want to buy for the party?
  3. What What What are the colors of the flag ( flag ) of Mexico?
  4. What Which Which are we going to do for Grandma’s birthday?
  5. What Which is the wine you prefer?

 Verbs Fill in the blanks with the preterite form of the verbs. 

  1. I (have) to buy bus tickets.
  2. Her friends tell her that she makes the best cookies in town.
  3. Carla and you (bring) a gift for Maria to the bus station.
  4. We don’t know what to do when we saw Virginia.
  5. You (be) studying in Spain for four years.
  6. The Salas brothers (wanting) to buy a new car.
  7. You (can) finish the task on time.
  8. Lisa didn’t (know) what happened at the party.
  9. Marcia and you (meet) Carolina in that restaurant.
  10. She doesn’t (want) prepare the salad for dinner.
  11. I (give) ten dollars to my little nephew.

 Prepositions Fill in the blanks with the appropriate pronouns and prepositions. 

  1. Lorena doesn’t want to go to the party ( with me ).
  2. They have to bring the flan ( for him ).
  3. Leonardo is going to sit down ( with you, form. ).
  4. Sandra gets along very well ( with you, fam. ).
  5. I celebrated the New Year ( with her ).
  6. We are going to buy some desserts ( for you, fam. ).

 Long live the party! Fill in the blanks with words from the box.

  1. Liliana and Patricia prepared a party of (1) for their friends Victoria and David. They invited all the friends of the couple and, (2) them, it is best that all (3) attend. Liliana (4) the reservation in a very elegant restaurant downtown. Patricia (5) from Victoria and David’s house to the restaurant and (6) they arrived at the table where they were ( were ) all waiting. Victoria (7) thanked her friends, but couldn’t because she started crying ( to cry ) with joy. All (8) for the couple and shared desserts and sweets that the waiter (9) to the table.

 Reading Read the description, then answer the questions. On Friday Mirta had a party to celebrate her birthday. She turned 21. Luisa made a cake and a flan. Sandra and Tomás brought the champagne and soft drinks. Sebastian wanted to come, but he couldn’t because he lives in another city. So, Sebastian asked Luisa to buy some sweets for Mirta and give them to them at the party. She was very happy when she learned that the candy came ( came ) from Sebastian. It was a very fun night. They were dancing and singing until midnight.

  1. How old was Mirta?
    •  twenty one
    •  twenty two
    •  twenty three
  2. What did Luisa do?
    •  a salad
    •  Some candy
    •  a cake and a flan
  3. Who brought the champagne?
    •  Sandra and Tomás
    •  Mirta and Sebastián
    •  Sandra and Luisa
  4. Did Sebastian go to the party?
    •  yes
    •  I dont know
    •  do not
  5. How did Mirta get when she saw the candy?
    •  cheerful
    •  confused
    •  worried
  6. Mirta and her friends danced until …
    •  ten.
    •  eleven.
    •  twelve.