Which language did you speak when you were growing up? Did you also speak another language?

sing the outline generated on October 23, conduct a 30-minute linguistic life history interview with a classmate or peer, and audio record this interview. Transcribe 2-4 interesting moments from the interview, and write a few sentences about each, explaining why you found it interesting. Use ideas from the course (readings or lecture) where you can. This report should be 1-2 pages in length.

· Pretend Prefer 1.5 page to 2 page

· Topic is life history about language and identity.

· Use ideas from the course (readings or lecture) where you can (will post reading)

Use interview on 2 pages (if you need, you can add some story base on this interview).

Use the reading resource at least 2 times.(2 to 3 from different reading)

More likely Essay format

With in 3hr30min

– Which language did you speak when you were growing up? Did you also speak another language?

I spoke Korean since I was born and raised in Korea. I also learned multi languages, English, Chinese and Japanese. But they were the basic levels, nothing serious where I could fluently speak.

– Which language do you speak at home now? [If applicable: with your wife? With your children? With your friends?

At home, Korea, I do speak Korean with my family and friends, but any other friends from abroad, I speak English with them.

– Tell me about your Best friend. Did you have a friend who speaks another language or dialect?

One of my best friend is from Portland, Oregon. We did talk in English. But it was after I lived in State for many years, so we did not have any problem communicating. My other best friend is actually from UK and he married with Korean lady and currently live in Korea. And he speaks fluent Korean, so we speak in Korean and English mixed. Many Korean international students I met, we spoke in English or Korean as well.

Benefit of speaking English or another language?

If you speak another language, I believe it would be much easier to learn other’s culture and habits, because way people talk is usually influenced by their daily lifestyle. I’ve made friends from various cultural background and speaking English or other languages definitely helped.

What is your life goal?

Simple. Enjoying it. Have good time with my people.

What is the best thing about living in the USA?

Easy to experience multi culture from diversity of population here in State

What is the worst thing about living in the USA?

You can’t go anywhere without a car

Why did you decide to be a (job)?

No job yet, still studying. I study in the field of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. I simply wanted to study about huma