Who does wear Jordans in the great outdoors?

“Why I Wear Jordans In The Great Outdoors”

Who does wear Jordans in the great outdoors? I have had never heard of someone that wear Jordans in the great outdoors. Wearing Jordans are not essential need for survival and well-being that goes directly or indirectly from the environment. Jordans are not a part of sustainability that invents the significant conditions for the humans and nature can live in the reality of environment, social, economic, and the future generations.

Jordan sneakers are so expensive and the average price is $190 in today. It is very wasteful to purchase Jordan sneakers and the million people are very stubborn to buy a Jordan pair for $190 to $250. For example, the author stated “My Jordans are falling apart, worn out from adventures in places like the Grand Tetons and the Grand Canyon. This goes directly against how people “should” wear them and what people “should” wear them” (Clouding 139). This is exactly reason why the author and other people should not wear Jordans in the great outdoors because the Jordans are easily torn up and highly expensive. What makes Jordan sneakers are so expensive? Most of Jordan releases are sold out for $100 billion dollars per year. Jordans also are manufactured in China and the China’s renewable energy growth is not good to use for the sustainable development.  The reason why the China’s renewable energy growth is bad because they use massive non-renewable resources to produce. China’s manufacturing and climate has transformed to pollution from the bad climate. Coal burning is the major cause, and it is separately the main contributor to renewable energy that clogs the China’s major cities. The China’s manufacturing needs to reduce on fossil fuel and improve their energy structure, and reduce the carbon emissions to live more sustainably.

On other hand, the environmental sustainability is all about making the businesses to reduce the negative impact on the environment. It is not very easy for people to reduce the quality of waste or using too much energy, but it is also very concerned about growing and developing procedures that leads too many businesses to become a great sustainable in the future. The sustainability needs the most important things to use the proper resources that can be renewed. The renewable resources are the main top reason to keep the sustainability or continuous production of goods and or services for the benefit of the human race to last longer. Also, the renewable resources are important because they provide clean energy for people’s daily lives without the bad products of energy resources. What would happen if we run out of renewable resources? The raw materials will go higher prices and this would lead to an increase in costs of production. Therefore, it follows that environmental sustainability is making certain that in needs to our needs for water, food, and shelter as well as engaging in activities that make our lives enjoyable – including leisure activities and entertainment – we don’t cause damage to our environment or deplete resources that we can’t renew.

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