Why Short stories Are Essential

PAPER 1: FORM, THE SHORT STORY, AND SCIENCE FICTION. Specifications: this typed, double-spaced paper must be 5 pp. in length and include a works cited page with a minimum of 4 scholarly sources (all of which are from your assigned readings).

Connect the 4 sources with your argument on the short story ( The Man who Evovled by Edmond Hamilton)


1.Samuel R. Delany, “About 5,750 Words”- Style inter/ over weaving subjectivity.

2.Francine Prose- What Makes a Short Story?(world building definitions)

3.Gioia and Gwynn- The elements of a short fiction ( plot, theme, charachters, style, POV, setting)

4.Hanson- Towards a Poetics of Short Fiction (drealike and Fantastic qualities of short stories)

5.Charles May-Why Short stories Are Essential (intensity/strange and unfamiliar qualities of the short stories)

6.Cortazar- Some Aspects of the Short Story

Description: in this essay, you will analyze and craft an original argument about the formal nature of the science fiction short story

You will (a) synthesize your critical readings about the short story to supply your own explanation of what the short story “is” and what it “does;” (b) discuss the possibilities and limitations of the short story form—as you define it in (a)—for the genre of science fiction; (c) draw evidence and support for your claims in (a) and (b) from one of assigned short stories (d) include a works cited page that follows MLA or APA guidelines. (The works cited page does not count toward the page requirement)