Why you chose the topic that you did

By midnight  on Friday, June 29th, make sure to submit the proposal for the written instructions. You will post these at the Discussion Board. You can always type your proposal in Word and then cut and paste it in.  Not only am I looking at what you write, but I want to see an excellent formatting used. 

Make sure to use several sentences for each point of criteria.  Please make sure to focus on these points:

–What your instructions will cover (be specific)

–Why you chose the topic that you did

–How often or how many times you have done
this task

–Who your main audience is

–A brief synopsis of the 4-5 main steps and your
most critical step.

–You need to use about 4-5 visuals. State which types of visuals you will use (Clip art, hand drawing, Copy from a book etc).