Write a blog post about your Bucket List

Write a blog post about your Bucket List (8-12 things you want to do before you die), or a Top Ten List, which you can interpret as you choose.  Each item on your list should have at least two pictures, although you can have more, and should have a paragraph that explains the item on this list.  Remember that anecdotal stories will make your blog post more interesting. This blog post should be longer than your first blog post, so the word count MINIMUM is 700 words.

  • Colorful
  • Lots of pictures (18 minimum)
  • 700 words minimum
  • Several numbers are discussed
  • Larger font size
  • Cohesive–everything looks like it goes together and it looks planned
  • Layout is smooth and intentional
  • Makes use of “white space”–short paragraphs with space between them