Writing Across Borders

Please view 2 short Youtube videos entitled “Writing Across Borders” that are posted on the Canvas “Page” entitled “Web sources” – all of Part 1, and the first 6 and ½ minutes of Part 2. Take notes on what the international students in these videos say about the expectations for academic writing they have encountered while studying in the U.S., and how these expectations differ from those they encountered in their home countries. Once you have finished taking these notes respond to the following questions on the corresponding Discussions thread (entitled “Assign. #3”), using as many concrete and specific details as you can muster:


What differences in expectations for academic writing do the speakers describe? Why might these differences exist? Why do these differences matter for the students involved? In our course this semester we will study academic writing as one aspect of U.S. academic “culture.” Having viewed these videos, do you have a different understanding of U.S. academic culture (its practices and/or values) than you did before? How so, specifically?