You may select from any of the words, n

In Disgrace, David Lurie wonders if English has become inadequate, “an unfit medium” to express complicated social interactions and cultural conflict. Yet, as we have seen, both Hamid in The Reluctant Fundamentalist and Coetzee in Disgrace seem to push English to its limits to create their characters’ stories and communicate sometimes opposing truths. Choose ONE of the two texts we have read, and write a well-organized 5 paragraph essay in which you discuss how the author uses three specific words, names or images to communicate complex meanings and help the reader understand the theme of the novel.

You may select from any of the words, names and images listed below, or select others. Remember images are pictures of words, and like words themselves, they may convey more than their literal meanings.

The Reluctant Fundamentalist OR Disgrace

Fundamentals Disgrace

Changez Desire

Bats Lucy

Jim’s Watch Petrus

Underwood Samson David Lurie

Firefly Pollux

Waiter Scapegoat

Oyster and pearl Dogs

Food Wordsworth, Byron or Blake