you tried to help others who had poor media literacy

By the time you start planning this project, you’ve already begun reflecting on media literacy in your world. In the Introductory Discussion, you’ve talked about the writing and research you’ve done in previous classes. You’ve also taken the Online Reasoning Assessments to see how you critically evaluate online media and how that compares to other students from the SHEG study (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..

In this project, you’ll need to come up with 3-4 short reflective moments. These moments could tell the story of a time when…

  • you struggled with media literacy
  • you tried to help others who had poor media literacy
  • you changed your perspective based on research
  • you took action because of something you saw online
  • etc

After sharing your reflections, take some time to develop your own position about media literacy in your world. What have these experiences, together, demonstrated to you about the action you can take as a student, writer, and researcher during this semester? This action could be small, such as setting personal goals; medium-sized, such as improving media literacy within your family; or large-scale, such as an argument about media literacy in your own community.

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  • Due: 13/09/2018
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