Your assignment is incomplete, but that is only part of your problems.

Research paper: By October 16th, each of you should have selected a country to focus on for your final paper. For your final paper, you will select one of the themes we will cover this semester (e.g., democratization, development, political parties, civil war, modernization) and explore not only what that issue looks like in the country you have chosen, but also what you think explains that particular outcome. (We’ll talk more about the paper throughout the semester.) The paper should be 2,700 and 3,200 words in length. You will also hand in an abstract and a paper outline, after work-shopping it with your classmates and consulting with the library staff. The paper outline includes your research question, a tentative outline, and three sources you plan to use. The abstract must provide me with a basic idea of your argument as related to your research question. Abstracts are between 250 and 500 words.

10% – Paper outline and abstract– Due November 1

30% – Research Paper – Due December 5

My country : Saudi Arabia 

the 5 minimum sources are all scholarly sources, 3 of the 5 are books. 

– three sources you plan to use ( in the form of bibliography), not in regular paragraph.

email from my professor :

Your assignment is incomplete, but that is only part of your problems.

You need to submit an outline of your paper tomorrow in class. You also need to rethink what you are writing about. Saudi Arabia is not a democracy. There may be some nominally democratic elements to the regime, but it is an absolute monarchy in which all positions of power are held by members of the al-Saud family.

Please reconsider your paper and come discuss this with me during office hours, this week.

I do not think your project will work. I would like you to consider a different topic. Not necessarily a different country, but a different topic. Also, you do not have an outline.

outline example:

instead of the thesis, you would include the research question.

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