Your introduction should engage your specific target audience specific to your topic.

topic of speech: why is home work important. 

written speech must be 5 to 7 minutes when read aloud.

must have memorable quote in the introduction of speech

body of speech must consist of 3 main points

conclusion must have a memorable final statement

must have 3 to 5 references and 2 must be from a scholarly journal. all references must be in apa style


Delivery of the Persuasive Speech

Record and submit your persuasive speech related to your topic.

Note: the time limit for this speech is 5–7 minutes.

Many of the aspects of your persuasive speech are the same as for your informative speech. The difference, however, is that you are attempting to persuade your audience to think a certain way or to take some sort of action:

  • Your introduction should engage your specific target audience specific to your topic.
  • Your introduction should possess a single, purposeful thesis that previews the main points of your speech.
  • After the introduction, the body of your speech should have 3 clear main points and smooth transitions between them that continue informing the audience on your topic.
  • Present your speech with relevancy, and credibility.
  • Use effective logical and emotional appeals to enhance your attempts to persuade the audience.

In your conclusion, be sure that you relate back to the main points and provide a memorable final statement. For this assignment, you will be asked to provide 3-5 references. Two must be from a scholarly journal associated with your profession that is peer-reviewed and taken from the  library databases.

You will be asked to prepare a reference page in APA style and submit it along with your speech. For information about APA style, please see