need in 20 hours

in 250 words and company has to be walmart

For this discussion, research the industry news related to the  company you selected for the course project. For example, Apple’s price  has peaked in 2012 and is steadily declining in 2013.

A few factors may be at play. Apple enjoyed explosive growth in the  last decade due to constant introductions of new products such as the  iPhone and the iPad. Since the introduction of the iPad, however, it has  not released a major category product. The growth may have peaked  because of market saturation. Still, Apple seems to enjoy market  confidence due to its loyal users and solid management, so it is  expected to maintain the current share price or even increase the price  when it releases the next iPhone.

In your initial post, research some factors that may be affecting  your company’s performance. Using them, explain your analysis. What is  happening in the industry? What does your company stand compared to its  peers? Do you see an upswing or downswing in the near future? Explain  your reasoning.

In your reply post, comment on someone else’s conclusion. Do you  agree with the analysis? Why or why not? What data or information did  you use to base your thinking?