Frequently Asked Questions

What is

Instant Assignments is a Professional Online Academic Help Agency that assures highly qualified, helpful, and trustworthy assistance in your academic papers. Our academic experts are geared up to lend a helping hand to all students or individuals who need professional academic writing services. Our academic writing services are worth counting on.

What types of papers do you write?

As we recruit numerous professional paper writers with diverse educational backgrounds and huge experience, we can complete orders of any style and word length and write papers on any subject or topic.

What steps should I take, if I experience any impenetrability with my order?

It is very rare that we fail to resolve any issue promptly and simply. Still, if you have any problem, please make contact with our customer support service which is always ready to answer all your queries online or over the phone around the clock 7 days a week.

What is the assurance that the paper will meet my specifications?

When you place your order with us, you provide us with your specifications related to a number of pages, subject matter, and sources required and citation style. Our writers consider your specifications and write the paper precisely as you desire. If any point is vague, our writers will make contact with you to confirm what exactly you want. We make every attempt to meet up or beat your expectations and desires.

How do I discern that you will be competent to write my order?

We are a professional custom writing service with vast experience and unequaled competence to write on all topics and subjects-from History and English literature to Business and Marketing, you can relax and feel trouble-free. We have the ability to write papers on any subject within diminutive timeframes. No other custom writing service in the writing industry can reach us in our competence to write custom papers on your terms and conditions. We monitor our writers and choose the best among them. We persuade our paper writers to be ingenious, sustain high levels of veracity, and retain a degree of professionalism. Our writers are cultured and veteran. They have access to unlimited electronic resources and databases and have access to online libraries. This makes certain that your research is the most up to date possible.

Do your papers accompany a bibliography page?

When we write custom papers, we take in all the reference materials that you demand in your specifications. Every paper will have a reference or bibliography page in accordance with the required citation style.

Should I rely your company?

Our company is one of the few in the writing industry with outstanding repute. We conduct our business with integrity while providing original essay writing services. We truly value our repute and stand among our loyal clientele and industry.

Can I get a reimbursement?

We offer you a 100% surefire to revise your paper in the improbable circumstances. We need your clear instructions to be comprehensive and exactly what your demands are to avert any tricky situation. Once the writer has started working on your order, we can not give reimbursement. We believe that you realize that this is the only way of survival in business. If we practice another policy, then our clientele would be attracted to take delivery of the paper, replicate it and then make-believe that the paper does not contest their requirements and insist on a refund. We promise you that it is very much improbable that your paper will not be as accurate as you desire.

What credentials do your writers have?

We keep ourselves up-to-date with the latest changes and advancements in technology and online research. No other company on the web competes with us in terms of the facilities and resources that our writers have. Our writers are highly qualified and have huge experience in their respective fields. Most of them hold Masters or PhD degrees. Your paper is handled by experts who write papers that will meet up your requirements. You can personally contact with your assigned writer until you have a paper that you are pleased with.

My Instructor warns us against purchasing papers online. How do you handle this?

College professors and instructors can track pre-written and cast-off papers procured or even downloaded for free by students from online paper databases. Such papers are accessible at such sites for many years and everyone has the right to use, view or purchase them. Such assignments are commonly known as “Frat Files”. If you decided to buy such type of paper, be sentient that many other students have previously presented it. In case your instructor is using anti-plagiarism software he/she will discover out that your paper is plagiarized. Besides they can also Google the theme of your paper and locate the whole work on the website. At Online Essay Writing we assure you that we will provide you with a custom written paper, fabricated in accordance with your specifications in mind. We take every possible care to present you with completely authentic content. So there is no risk that your paper will be sold to any third party and then be available online for others.