Best Businesses for Which to Work


  • Top Business Research Paper Instructions
    1. Go to the most current issue of Fortune Magazine’s which has the list of the “Best Businesses for Which to Work.”
    2. Select a company that has adequate resources in the CTC library from which you can research those human relations techniques which make the company a great place to work.
    3. Send the company name to your instructor through Messages. When you receive approval, you are ready to begin research.
    4. Write a 1700-word paper about those human relations techniques which make the company a great place to work.
    5. The opening section must be a brief history of the company.
    6. The content of the paper must be developed around any four (4) of the following areas listed below:
      • Human Relations Theories Used at the Business
      • Team Building Practices
      • Motivational Practices
      • Productivity and Quality Improvement
      • Job Design and Job Enrichment
      • Leadership in the Company and the Leaders
      • Communication Within the Company
      • Management of Change
      • Culture of the Company
      • Pillars of a World Class Organization.
      • Sources:
    7. There must be at least six sources (You certainly can have more). Sources of information can be books and magazine articles (preferred by the instructor) by authoritative writers or researchers.
    8. You may use your textbook as one source.
    9. Wikipedia and encyclopedias are not acceptable sources. One of your sources can be the website of the business about which you choose to write. All other online sources must be through the CTC Library.
    10. Materials from sources must be cited or designated using Modern Language Association (MLA) standards.
    11. Online sources can only be those from the Central Texas College Library.
    12. Learn to use the Central Texas College Online Library. It is the only source that this instructor recognizes as resources for the research. One resource for the paper can be information gained from the company website if the website is properly cited in MLA style. That site can be researched from the world wide web (WWW) by using Google, Yahoo, Firefox, etc.
      The writing format must be one acceptable to the CTC English Department. Excellent research paper examples may be found in the MLA Style folder found on this page. When in doubt, follow MLA standards. Students should write on a college level. Spelling and punctuation should be perfect.
      Plagiarism is strictly prohibited. A student can be dismissed from the college for plagiarism. You must cite all words and ideas that are not your own. For more specific information about plagiarism see the Scholastic Honesty folder in the Course Menu.
      Viwe the instructions about creating and titling your paper in the assignments instructions below.
      When the window for submitting the Research Paper opens, you will submit the paper through SafeAssign. This will check your paper for plagiarism. Any words quoted verbatim, any ideas that are not your own, and any opinions not your own must be cited. You must give the sources of these words, ideas, opinions full credit. Otherwise, you are committing scholastic dishonesty.
      Keep a copy of your research paper for four weeks after the course ends.
  • Top Business Research Paper SubmissionA Research Paper is required for this course. The student will write a Research Paper on one of Fortune Magazine’s “Best Businesses for Which to Work.” Review the Top Business Research Paper Instructionsabove. Its due date is shown on the Course Schedule Syllabus Page 2 (on the Course Menu to the left of this screen).
    The Top Business Research Paper assignment is worth 100 points. Your instructor will use this grading rubric to assess your performance on this assignment.
    • The paper will be at least 1,700 words in length.
    • There will be an inch border around the paper.
    • The title page, the outline, and the works cited do not count as part of the 1,700 words but must be included in the paper.
    • The font will be Times Roman, 14 point, double spaced.
    • Submission Instructions:
    • Create your assignment in a word processing software program on your computer as a .rtf document (rich text format)
    • Name it Your Name_the class_company name and save a copy on your computer or memory device. Here is an example: JaneDoe_Hrpo1311_BostonConsultingGroup(BCG). Of course, Jane Doe is a fictitious student, but the company is not. Use your own name.
    • When you are ready to submit it, select the link above titled “Top Business Research Paper Submission”.
    • When the new screen opens locate ATTACH LOCAL FILE and select the BROWSE button to navigate to the document.
    • Navigate to your document.
    • Select SUBMIT when you have found it.
    • Do NOT paste your assignments in the comments box; this is meant for short notes to me and will not provide enough space to hold an entire assignment.
    • Do Not Send Your Assignments Via E-Mail OR Messages! They MUST be turned in using this link.