Community-oriented policing

Community-oriented policing (COP) does involve the need for information technology. Such information technology that COP programs and projects could utilize are databases, computer software for crime analysis, and records management systems. Police officials find the use of these systems to be helpful in compiling data about criminal statistics and analyses that can aid in how patrol officers are organized, research for new programs that involve the police department officials and community members, and crime prevention and criminal investigations.

select 3 of the information technology systems from the following list that a police department might use for its community policing program:The FBI’s Uniform Crime Report database

  • Bureau of Statistics databases
  • National Crime Victimization Survey database
  • Computer-Aided Dispatch
  • Global Justice Information Network
  • Crime mapping
  • Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System (IAFIS)
  • Live Scan
  • Communications technologies
  • How are your selected technologies used by law enforcement agencies within a community policing program? Explain in detail, and discuss as a group using the Small Group Discussion Area.

part 2

address the following in 4pgs:What drawbacks do the technologies selected by the group have on law enforcement operations? Explain in detail.

  • What specific problems do these technologies directly address? Explain.
  • Responsibilities must be divided evenly amongst all group members.
  • Be sure to reference all sources using APA .