core principle- campus

a)part 1

1-2 pages school profile

Write 1 to 2 pagers about this school ( King Abdullah Academy )

Location – which grades dose it have – vision – mission – core principle- campus – values …. etc

APA style and add the school website as a reference

Do not copy directly from the website – paraphrase and rewrite information and be organize


part 2

2 pages about what did I learn from studying at the school of education and studying for SLLA test

-I am in my last semester in the school of education and my major is master in educational administration

-To get the degree I have to take and pass a test name: School Leaders licensure Assessment (SLLA)

-I took the test twice and did not pass and the department waved that test for be because I am international student and instead they asked me to write 2 pages about:

what did you learn from studying in the school of education and from studying for the SLLA test