emphasize dividend paying stocks

300 words APA/ 3 sources/ answer all questions

Buying stock is most often associated with a rise in the price of the shares (buy low…sell high)…however, there is the matter of a dividend that some firms payout to shareholders.

So, do you consider the dividend in/with your selection of stocks?
Are there mutual funds that ‘cater to’/emphasize dividend paying stocks?

Also, ‘where’ does the dividend originate from, and, ‘who’ decides if a dividend is/will be forthcoming.

When considering the dividend payout policy of a given firm…consider what both the ‘payout rate’ and the ‘retention rate’ may mean to a given firm.

In addition, consider what the ‘quality of earnings’ may mean to an overall dividend policy of a firm.

Lastly, ‘what’ might “preferred stock” have to do with payout decisions of/at a firm…?