genuine and which are cults

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November 7, 2019
The hidden curriculum
November 7, 2019

genuine and which are cults

Question 1
What is the primary purpose sociologists study religion?
A. To determine which religions are genuine and which are cults.
B. To evaluate the truth of a religion’s teachings.
C. To study the role religion plays in people’s lives.
D. To seek proof that some religions are better than others

Question 2
__________ is the social scientist is credited with saying “Religion is the sigh of the oppressed….the opium of the people.”
A. Emile Durkheim
B. Talcott Parsons
C. Karl Marx
D. Herbert Spencer

Question 3
What is the term used to describe the shifting of focus from spiritual matters to the affairs of this world?
A. The church legitimization of the social order
B. The modernization of religion
C. The evangelical movement
D. The secularization of religion

Question 4
What is another term used to describe what is called a new religion?
A. Ecclesia
B. Denomination
C. Sect
D. Cult

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