how intermittent reinforcement

 1. Explain some of the key differences between psychoanalytic theory and behaviorism (Behaviorism is often used interchangeably with learning theory). 2.Give a description of how operant conditioning works. How does Skinner use this theory to explain our personalities? 3. Please give this next question some thought and discussion. Feel free to make up any details of this case that you wish. Suppose a man fights with his boss continuously. He complains that his boss is unfair to him. He fights and argues with his boss all the time. According to operant conditioning theory, why does this man continue to argue with his boss? Give me details and use the proper vocabulary. 4. What are the differences between behaviors which have been learned through continuous reinforcement versus behaviors which have been learned through intermittent or partial reinforcement? Explain how intermittent reinforcement might be used as an explanation of why people continue to do things that they are not rewarded for, such as gambling ( most people lose when they gamble). Do you think partial reinforcement can explain why people continue with bad habits or other self-defeating behaviors?